If you’ve been managing a website or blogging for any length of time you’ve heard about SEO. You know you need it, but you might not be too sure about what it it. So what is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is many things but in a nutshell the things you do to make your blog or website found easily on the search engine results pages.

What are the search engine results pages? When you type in a question or a series of keywords into Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of the other hundreds of search engines, the results that are shown and they order in which they are shown, are the ranks – so to speak.

The purpose of utilizing SEO techniques on your website or blog is to rank the highest for your location and keywords.

In other words if your business is providing sales leads to realtors in Minneapolis you’d want the content on your website to reflect those key ideas. You would write about Minneapolis, where to find leads and the best leads for realtors. If you consistently write about those key words eventually Google and the other search engines will take notice and say “Hey, that website is a resource for people who are looking to buy leads for realtors in Minneapolis” and they’d send people who looking for leads for realtors in Minneapolis your way.

You wouldn’t want Google or Bing or the other search engines sending you traffic from people who are looking to buy cupcakes in Amesterdam because they wouldn’t be happy with the search results and would leave quickly (that’s called a bounce rate but we’ll discuss that at a later time). You want people who are looking for the items, services or ideas that you provide to visit your website.

The key is to get traffic from the search engines that is looking for the things you provide. The things you do to ensure the quality traffic is collectively known as SEO.

Which all seems really logical but you’d be surprised to learn how many businesses have no idea that they are attracting the wrong traffic.

SEO is making sure that your website is designed and managed for the people who are searching for your products or services. That usually comes in the form of great content creation that is relevant to your services or products. In other words, if you sell leads to realtors in Minneapolis you’re going to want to create content about Minneapolis realtors who are looking for leads you’re not going to talk about cupcakes in Amsterdam, no matter how delicious they are.

In the coming weeks we’ll be talking a lot about SEO and how you can improve your website or blog search engine ranking with good SEO practices. We’ll talk about the role social media plays and why it’s so important to set your online person up as an authority. We’ll talk about content, how to create it or where to get it, as well as using images to tell your story.

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